Made For the Chapel With Some Spray Paint

Pulled off the highway in Missouri and low our hearts were heavy laid
Made for the chapel with some spray paint for all the things we’d held in secret
Lord lift up these lifeless bones
Light cascading through the windows
All the rainbow’s heavy tones

I found this image a long time ago, Stumbleupon or something.  It has cycled in and out among my backgrounds, and every time it comes up I’m reminded of how much I love it.  I used it for a project in my lighting class earlier this semester, and my friend remarked it reminded her of The Mountain Goats’ “Psalm 40:2”.  I make that connotation every time I hear that song, and it really is sort of perfect.

Head down towards Kansas, we will get there when we get there don’t you worry
Feel bad about the things we do along the way
But not really that bad
We inhaled the frozen air
Lord send me a mechanic if I’m not beyond repair

The Mountain Goats – Psalms 40:2
Live at Webster Hall 2009-12-01


Song via
Image via National Geographic.


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